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Recently did this collab with BO Gear for an up coming cycling event in Adelaide. All hand done in Posca and spray paint. Looks fantastic and im totally stoked with how it turned out in the end. If anyone out there wants their own one of a kind El Synco bag just send me an […]

So its official, the Everfresh Blackbook is set to hit the market by September. Go to to secure a limited edition hardcover version (only 500 available) for just a little bit more than the soft cover. Six years of work on and off the streets plus a rare insight to the inner workings of […]

Its amazing what you find when you when you sift through all the kipple of everyday existence.  To those out there who have a photo collection of gigante proportions you’ll know what the hell im yappin about. The back wall at Everfresh sometimes resembles the contents of Meggs’ stomach after hitting every bar in Nth […]

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painting i did with Store a while bak. LA river 2007 with Phibske. u can see a bit of Chaz Bojorquez’ handstyles on the right. Some fool went over most of it tho.  No Respect Dammit!!! soon we shall see face to face. a minor disasta. K-Tel disco vomit. the fridge. Benzo on the river. […]